Tuesday, April 24, 2012

When the Brazilian Communist Party was in Congress - 1946-1947

Even though I originally intended to illustrate Lefwing trends in Brazilian Pop I have noticed that more than half of the articles and items posted here have to do with RIGHTWING policies as much as their counterpart.

This blog should be re-named but I couldn't be bothered... so here we are: Leftwing as well as Rightwing activities are recorded here for the delight of those who like politics with their coffee or tea.

Some of the acts who originally were 'leftwingers' may have shifted  into the rightwing camp with the passage of time. Some others who I originally thought 'leftwingers' may not have been so from the start.

So I think all options are open and everything should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Luiz Carlos Prestes in a pamphlet printed by the Communist Party of Brazil about land-reform during Brazil's 1946 Constitution writing. Prestes was the main Left figure in the country for 4 decades. 
Luiz Carlos Prestes on the cover of Manchete in 1959. 

COMMUNIST PARTY is out-lawed in 1948 by Dutra's pro-US Cold War stance

10 January 1948 - JB says the outlawing of the Brazilian Communist Party that had a good representation at the National Congress was 'lawful'. How can this travesty of justice be called 'lawful'?

Carlos Marighella - a young Communist operative in 1955 who would become a legend later in the 1960s. Even though the PCB - Brazilian Communist Party was not allowed to run for office - it still existed and it was a well-organized outift.

Carlos Marighella (à dir.) com a sobrinha Isa no ombro, ao lado da companheira Clara Charf e do resto da família Grinspum em 1962.
The Peking Opera artists meet Sylvio Caldas and Aracy de Almeida in 1956.
Mario Lago, songwriter, actor, was a Communist Party member in the 1930s.

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