Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memories are made of this

Brazilian press is openly conservative with a pench to be unabashedly right wing. Most Latin American countries sent their former dictators to jail, some for life like General Videla in Argentina. 

In Brazil contrariwise dictators are still at large. Most of them have already died and now their names have become streets, avenues and parks. Brazilians seem to have a very short attention span.

Military Police in Rio de Janeiro pursuing a man during the Dictatorship's repression days. 

1960 Presidential Election

João Goulart pledges his case...

singer-song-writer Rossini Pinto put music to some Janio Quadros verses and released it in this EP by Copacabana Discos.
in earlier times... Janio and Lott in the same photo. Janio would soundly beat the Marshall at the ballots.  

Marechal Lott.. always alert against usurpers and right-wing conspirators...
the Left ticket; Lott was defeated but Jango won as Vice-President.
Marshal Lott was pretty popular but not enough to win the election... Janio Quadros the right-wing candidate appealed to the masses in a way never seen before for a conservative politician.
Tancredo Neves was on the leftwing... 

Monday, May 13, 2013


Oscar Niemeyer, the most famous Brazilian architect had been a member of the Brazilian Communist Party for the longest time.

Niemeyer having the National Congress building almost finished at his back... 1959.
Brasilia's Cathedral on Holland's national day.
Blue Moon 2015... some time in July.