Wednesday, April 25, 2012

JOÃO GOULART goes to Washington - 1962

João Goulart recebido em Washington por John Kennedy - Abril 1963.
João Goulart nas entranhas do Império que o derrubaria em menos de um ano. 

João Goulart & John Kennedy...two Johns, two tragedies. One would be shot in the head, the other would be exiled and later poisoned by an agent of the Brazilian Dictatorship in Uruguay.
Manchete April 1962; Fatos & Fotos 18 April 1962, JFK receives Jango at the White House. One can see Vice-President Lyndon Johnson's face on the left.
Jango's motorcade parades Washington's avenues.

it's hard do believe that a year later John Kennedy would be dead and João Goulart would be exiled from his country.
João Goulart addressed the US Congress which meant the US government didn't have a plan to 'destabilize' the Brazilian government yet. But things were happening too fast...

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