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more 1963-1964 in a scrap-book

More scraps from Claudete Deleva's scrap-book which she started around the time John Kennedy was murdered in Dallas, Texas - 22 November 1963; 'Sabe Deus' (Sabra Diós) was #1 in the singles' charts in Brazil followed by 'El relicario' an old Spanish tuned turned into a vibrant rock by Brazilian band The Clevers - don't pay any attention to Revista do Radio's chart, it was blatantly manipulated; popular Catholic bishop Dom Helder Camara kept his campaign of making the very poor more visible in the media; French song-bird Edith Piaf dies in Paris in 10 October 1963; 

Even though 'El relicário' was a hit by The Clevers, old-timer Revista do Radio insisted on snubbing the boys by ignoring them in lieu of a conservative record sung by João Dias that had no air-play whatsoever.
British 'Profumo affair' had enough sex to keep Brazilians interested. 'Loving was my undoing' declared the old government official to 'O Cruzeiro' in June 1963.
Weekly magazine 'O Cruzeiro' had 2 pages where they sent up celebrities: here's Pope Paul VI plays a 'Bossa Nova' rhythm and asks President João Goulart if he's been successful! 
1st lady Maria Tereza Goulart visits Mangueira slum to watch their Carnaval show in 29 January 1964.
Dom Helder Camara gives the poor woman some advice.
Juscelino Kubitschek listens to The Little Red Riding Hood...
Edith Piaf  had an image of Sainte Therese near her bed. 
US film actor Alan Ladd dies in California in 29 January 1964.
Cassius Clay (later known as Muhammed Ali) wins the heavy-weight championship in 25 February 1964, in Miami, Florida. 
controversial writer Adelaide Carraro wants to be a painter.
The Beatles take on the world. It took longer to get Brazilians interested though. 
Beatles got many golden records
Bobby Solo's 'Una lacrima sul viso' is the #1 single - 'Meus 18 anos' is #1 in the album charts 
Rita Pavone took Brazil by storm in 25 June 1964, when her show was beamed by TV Record. 
Italian film director swindles law-abiding citizens 
Jacqueline Myrna, famous as a TV performer stars in "Superbeldades', her 1st movie. 
socialite Ligia Freitas Valle Jordan tries to kill herself
Tamba Trio is the 1st jazz-samba ensemble - 'O pagador de promessas' still is news. 
exchanged at the maternity ward
old-timer politician Ademar de Barros ages visibly but keeps on trudging the old formula: rightwing politics disguised as a populist. When the coup-de-etat came in April 1964, Ademar sided with the reactionaries.
Sarita Montiel causes commotion in Rio de Janeiro 
Spanish superstar Sarita Montiel causes a sensation in Rio where she makes a film.
monokini causes stir
Italian priest does charity work at Rio's Tijuca shanty-town and becomes a popular.
transistor radios rule
Norma Benguel's 'Noite Vazia' - Taylor & Burton's 'Cleopatra'

Brazilian film 'Noite vazia' (Empty night) was hailed as a hit even before being released. 'Noite vazia' went on to become one of the most acclaimed films of the decade starring Odete Lara & Norma Benguel. Brazil and the world cried when Nat 'King' Cole died in 15 February 1965. 

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  1. Ligia Freitas Valle foi uma grande figura, com uma história admirável! E nossa mídia aqui a esqueceu!