Sunday, September 6, 2015

1971 look at Sao Paulo - Lamarca's dead!

Sao Paulo in early February 1971... at Anhangabau Valley corner of Avenida Sao Joao...
a shootout erupts at the new mall on Rua Nova Barão... policeman shoots at alleged gangster (bandido) with everyone running for cover... that's on one of the finest places in town... 
'Apresentamos o novo prefeito' (We introduce to you São Paulo's new mayor)... that's the way the Dictatoship did its business... Military Dictator Garrastazu Medici appointed a new mayor for Sao Paulo... with a stroke of the pen... you either put up with it or shut up... for fear of your life. 
Sao Paulo downtown flooded once again... like every February... 26 February 1971. 
 a bomb explode at the Bolivian Consulate - 1st September 1971.
21st September 1971 - Lamarca's dead!

28 September 1971.

30 September 1971.

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