Monday, March 17, 2014


September 1947 - Life magazine photographer Dmitri Kessel takes a shot at a building site wall with inscription against the out-lawing of the Brazilian Communist Party: Viva a Democracia! Plinio (Salgado), (General) Dutra & (Harry) Truman : Trio Fascista! Sem P.C.B. (Partido Comunista do Brasil) não há democracia. Viva (Luiz Carlos) Prestes! P.C.B. - (General) Dutra, já é hora! Fóra!

Luiz Carlos Prestes writes about Land Reform and the 1946 Constitution which was too conservative.

Luiz Carlos Prestes (centre) and Gregorio Bezerra (right-hand side).

The Hammer & Sickle symbol was banned from Brazilian life just like the Cross had been banned by the Romans in olden days. 

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