Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Politics of intolerance 2014

There is an increasing wave of intolerance in the midst of the Brazilian middle classes since President Lula came to power in 2002 and implemented a policy of redressing the old evils perpetrated by the old Oligachy against the working class. The introduction of a policy of transference of income to the lower classes - the so-called 'bolsa familia' has angered a sector of the middle class which has been fustigated by most of the media (TV, radio, newspapers and magazines) into believing that that lower classes do nothing but live off the dole. It is the same kind of strategy applied in the USA since the Reagan years and their 'welfare queens'.

This sort of chauvinism has created a 'politics of hate' very ugly and unjust. It is really disgusting to hear what most of the middle class has to say about the poorer part of the Brazilian population. The politics of segregation introduced by the Military Dictatorship that ruled Brazil from 1964 through to 1985 has not stopped yet. The Dictatorship has gone but its policies are all intact with most of the media doing their dirty work.

There's a lot to say about that. This page is intended to show how that 'politics of intolerance' is developing. We'll only post photos and art about the subject. The art above was published at weekly magazine Carta Capital. Unfortunately, I don't know who draw the picture. It shows a young male from the middle class in front of this computer wearing a Brazilian flag with 'Hate' written all over it. They hate Lula, 'baianos' (people from the Northeastern states that have migrated to the South in search of employment - after the Dictatorship stopped any kind of land-reform in 1964), putas (whores) and the usual suspects.

to read more about this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transfer_payment

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